【Signature Light Me Up Pro】

[Select any 2 from 19] $980
Our medical team will select 2 out of 19 internationally certified therapies, including varies optical and peeling treatments, for your experience. It resolves problems from roots and carries 3 benefits to eliminate skin problems, activate and stimulate the regeneration cycle and skin cells, allowing the skin to retain its youthful and flawless nature!
  • Professional Skin Analysis (valued at HK$600)
  • HK$1,000 Treatment Cash Voucher


Lightmac stands for “Light”, “Medical”, “Art” and “Centre”. With the most advanced equipment, professional medical beauty team, persistence and dedication to aesthetic attitude, we focus on external beauty, while building self-confidence and at the same time creating joyful and colorful lives for you! “Beautifulness builds self-confidence, self-confidence makes you more beautiful." This is our mission.

Germ-Free Medical Center Facilities

The center environment is clean and spacious with stylish and simple interior design. It uses glass and stainless steel extensively in the architecture, creating a germ-free space. Plastic walls, seamless foot line and anti-static electricity designed especially for surgical rooms create a safe and clean environment. The light is automatically regulated according to the level of daylight, to provide the most comfortable environment for all.

Pioneer of Medical Beauty Field

With top-advanced medical equipment, all medical beauty treatment services received professional medical justifications and are clinically proven effective. All the top-advanced medical equipment is approved by FDA (The United States Food and Drug Administration), KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Administration) and CE (Conformitè Europëenne) .

Talent Development

Lightmac staff members are important assets To Lightmac. Lightmac provides continuous vocational training to all employees by qualified medical professionals. All Lightmac therapists were trained and strictly examined before they could provide services to customers. They are also put in close contact with machine retail representatives to ensure a comprehensive understanding to the machines and expected treatment outcome. As such, you can trust them with safe and professional services.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Recognition

Lightmac holds the core values of "Passion”, “Integrity” and “Sharing”. We would like to contribute to our society by holding and participating into different charity and environmental protection activities. Lightmac organizes various activities to improve the relationship among employees. Through communication between the managerial level and employees, employees feel more like a part of the company. As such, the Lightmac team is dedicated to provide you with the best services. Lightmac always encourages colleagues to contribute to our society. We have been organizing and joining different volunteer services. Volunteer partners include: The Community Chest of Hong Kong, The Conservancy Association, Hong Kong Green Nature Union, YMCA of Hong Kong, HKYWCA, Friends of the Earth, Oxfam, Children Charity Foundation, ORBIS, St. James' Settlement, and more.

Lightmac has received the following recognition:
2013-18 Caring Company - Lightmac
2016-19 The 6th - 9th HK Outstanding Corporate Citizenship – Enterprise - Lightmac Happy Company
2018-19 Social Capital Builder (SCB) Award - Lightmac